I was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1970.  In 1998 I moved to London where my interest in photography as a practitioner began. I currently live and work in Locust Valley, New York.  I have also lived in Miami, Florida, Nashville, Tennessee, Chicago, Illinois and Amsterdam, Holland.  I’m the recipient of various grants and fellowships including the State of Florida Individual Artist Fellowship, the Artist Enhancement Grant, and the Artist Access Grant.  In 2010 I was awarded the West Prize, which resulted in the acquisition, exhibition, and publication of the Natural Selection II series.  Some of the venues that have exhibited my work include the Mary Brogan Museum of Arts, the West Collection, Mattie Kelly Arts Center, the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, and GEISAI Miami 2007.

Landscape 06,  40”x 60” ,  2019, from  Studies for a Plastic Landscape (Caumsett 2119)

Landscape 06, 40”x 60”, 2019, from Studies for a Plastic Landscape (Caumsett 2119)